Coaching a sport is best done in small groups of similar ability players. Cricket is unique in that it involves one on one/individual battles in a team framework. 

One to one coaching is of limited value and it does become monotonous and can be boring for coach and more important student. In addition, there are vital skills and attitudes that can only be practised and learned when several players are involved in a session.

My method is to coach within small sided games and break out into skills drills when needed. This produces youngsters who have skills and understand about tactics and team play. It also allows participants to widen their cricket vocabulary and the opportunity to learn and appreciate all the skills of the game whether batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping as well as the chance to do some basic umpiring and scoring. Players are always involved, in the action and as a result their fitness for cricket improves.

The Games which are the foundation of my coaching can take place indoors or outside and are appropriate for the ages taking part. 

The intensity of the Game and the skills drills will prepare the players for match situations. Therefore, the intensity of the sessions increases as the groups increase in age.

So that players can get the most out of my sessions I have maximum (12) and minimum (6) numbers. The duration of the sessions depends on the age of the players but are of a 2 hour minimum. 

 Maximum duration is 5 hours which includes 3 breaks for recuperation and refreshment.  

I believe my methods provide children with an outstanding and enjoyable cricket experience that will better improve the skills and understanding of the game that are needed for their long-term development. The sessions are action packed, fast paced and involve maximum participation.